Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Adding Support

I meant to pass this piece of news on before now. I have been asked to be a trustee for the Poems in the Waiting Room (NZ).  Read about it here 

Will keep you posted as news arrives. Ruth Arnison does a fantastic job with Poems in the Waiting Room (PITWR). It is her blood, sweat and tears that goes into it all - I am just there to add support (band-aids? and brandy?) in the background - with the bonus of the occasional cup of coffee and cheerful catch-up chat.


Mysterious building on Portobello Road Dunedin ... I have heard it was at one time a brothel. Who knows? But it is certainly a feature of Dunedin's lower eastern harbourside. Someone appears to be re-furbishing and restoring it.  To me it has always had a creepy look to it; ghostly pale.  Crusty-moon grey. Cold too there pressed up against the cliff and round the corner from any sunshine.

The bus-stop situated right beside the house has a portrait of the house painted on the side.

 if pale walls could speak

Leave me
to my tired grey,
my deathly-blue
sodden window-sills.
Leave me to rot.

Let the vines
the thistle the deadened grass
take me. Shade and I
know each other well. 
A painted coat cannot warm me.

Take as your cue
the bus that never stops.

I never did know joy.



J.T. Webster said...

I always thought that building was owned by Larnach and that he caught the boat over to Dunedin city from there. Like a very distant gate house! But I've never checked if that's correct. Time for some further digging! And I agree, it's very creepy!

Kay Cooke said...

Sue - That's really interesting ... wonder what the truth is about the old lady?

leoniewise said...

great news Kay!

that poem also conjured up images for me of some of the abandoned houses around NZ... now covered in vines with all their windows smashed and their innards emptied out and left, forgotten.

Kay Cooke said...

Leonie- Yes there are a lot like that - I guess at least someone loves this house enough to try and revamp.

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