Thursday, 19 July 2012


blue. blue bus-stop

early steam-punk?

The painter of a lot of bus-stops in Dunedin - John Noakes - sadly died.  Long may his legacy of painted bus shelters (of all shapes and sizes) live on.

I have always loved this idea for a 'spare room' - an old tram.  I believe the owner is someone I went to Brownies with, in Riversdale, Northern Southland - a very long, long time ago now.


The wax-yes are very greedy and they keep the bellbirds and tuis from ever getting a look-in. They are small but they work on the principle of 'crowd sourcing' to make sure they maintain their dominance over any food supply. Safety in numbers is definitely  their mantra.

One of my favourite art-deco facades in Dunedin - and it is found in South Dunedin too, not noted for its style. However, it can be found if you but look - up

... as is poetry - to be found - but not necessarily by looking up. In this case it was to be found on a wall by a bus-stop in Musselburgh Rise. I was most surprised to see it there. I love the poem too. The poet cannot be found on-line. I have a feeling it just means it was written in Dunedin (the Maori name for Dunedin is Otepoti).

In a small way I found the poem encouraging. Keep writing, it says. Keep writing. (But not necessarily poetry,  I tell myself, not necessarily poetry). 

steps up to nowhere (or so it appeared)

I called into 'Brew' for a coffee. There I wrote a little bit in a notebook. Thoughts & impressions. At the moment, what I am writing is prose.  Somehow it seems to me to be a kinder master than poetry. Poetry is all uphill.  Poetry is too many steps leading up to nowhere. At this stage of my life I owe it to myself to take the easier path.


J.T. Webster said...

Another wonderful post! And I'm left wondering where are those steps?
I'm enjoying reading your poetry books, now I'm looking forward to reading your prose.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Sue - the steps lead up from about the middle of the grey stone wall on your left as you as you go onto Muss Rise from the city end.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos and words...and why not...prose is an acceptable mode of expression and communication of thoughts...I like it!

Kay Cooke said...

Theanne - I like it too! :)

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