Friday, 6 July 2012

Clean, Sorted, Organised, Steady, Settled ... New Plymouth

Sometimes called 'The Lonely One' this mountain (Mount Taranaki) is notable because it is a mountain without a range. When in New Plymouth it is a tangible presence. During these past few days here (visiting son and daughter-in-law) I forget the mountain's there and then I'm surprised when it suddenly appears over my right shoulder, or materialises between buildings.

Maori legend has it that this is a banished suitor who lost the contest for the hand of a maiden. He left a track of tears (in the form of a river) as he wandered west, destined forever to be alone. When the clouds mass around the mountain and hide it from sight, it is said that the mountain is mourning his lost love.

One of the volcanic Sugar Loaf rocks (or small islets) at the mouth of the New Plymouth Harbour.
Black volcanic material in the form of rounded rocks and glittering black sand, are distinctive features of New Plymouth.

New Plymouth is very clean. It's a sorted, steady, organised place - settled and with a positive vibe.

If the cap fits.

The Museum is built on a hill where a Maori Chief resided ... hence the name of the museum - Puke Ariki which means Chief's Hill.

Lunch outside at the Govett Brewster Art Gallery - unfortunately the Gallery itself was closed for a week.

A coffee with Len Lye. New Plymouth holds Len Lye and his works, an internationally renowned sculptor, artist and writer, in high regard. After he died, much of his work went to the Govett Brewster Gallery.  (His wind wand sculpture is a prominent feature of New Plymouth's waterfront).

Wind wand - designed by Len Lye, kinetic sculptor.This forty-meter long metal rod is designed to sway and dip in the wind.

Today we walked along part of New Plymouth's long coastal walkway.

We also visited the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge - shaped like a whale (or fish or wave) it is a striking feature.

Mount Taranaki can be seen through the bridge' span - on a good day. Today he was partly obscured by cloud.


Clare Dudman said...

What a place! Such a beautifully stark mountain and such wonderful light. Seeing all this makes me more and more determined to see NZ one day

Anonymous said...

enjoyed the visit through New Plymouth...a very artistic place! wind wands who knew...I love them! and the murals on the buildings...and the fact that it is so clean! and not to forget the sad mountain which stands so beautifully for all to behold!

Kay Cooke said...

Clare - I really hope you do make it over here one day.

Theanne - We enjoyed visiting our son & daughter-in-law there - glad to share it with you.

Kay Cooke said...
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