Thursday, 28 June 2012


WARNING NOTE: Not sure that any MEN reading this will be able to identify. Maybe this is just for the gals - guys are welcome to read on, but don't blame me if you wish you hadn't ...

It's a poem about what it's like to have a MAMMOGRAM.

(A fellow-tweeter asked to see it after I told her I'd written a poem on this subject.)

Here 'tis Ali:

'hit me with your best shot'

Seeing as it’s my first scan she’s sympathetic,
to a degree, but has a job to do, criteria
to meet, good, clear shots are what's required
and they do not want to miss
even a shadow. She helps me
to stand, just so, to tilt my shoulder

and rest my right breast on the glass.
I think how much it looks like a fish
on a plate. The vice is applied 
to just over the bearable-pain threshold.
She says she doesn’t really enjoy inflicting
so much pain; “Did you take a Panadol? ”

I told her I hadn't. After two shots
I think it’s over - silly me. “Two more”, 
she says brightly,  "Side-view this time”. 
She suggests a cold cloth to relieve discomfort.
I remember my granny, the one
who carried a child with a broken arm

fifteen miles to the nearest doctor
and turn the offer down. Pioneer stock
has a lot to answer for. I look down. No, 
I decide, not a fish a butterfly, in a case,
wings opened out and pressed
forever at screaming point.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


J.T. Webster said...

Yes, ouch! A great poem. I really like the butterfly in a case analogy - it really works.

kj said...

beautiful, kay.

and ouch indeed....


Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Sue.

Kay Cooke said...

It's not pleasant KJ.

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