Tuesday, 5 June 2012

All The Roads And Shortcuts

Weird cloud visitation - taken a week or so ago during a walk right as the sun went down, a good time to take the air.

Seagulls are naturals.

Wooden stairway to the Surf Clubrooms, St Clair.

A photo taken after rough seas dragged buried rubble from the sand-hills.

A born collector, it did my heart good when handed a bunch of 'wild flowers' gathered by another born collector.

Today the weather forecast is for snow-in-the-air. Winter has well and truly arrived.

'the long and winding road'

Unravel the many tangled lines
of paths that no longer exist,
the pebbled one through heavy leaves
leading from the mailbox
to the corner of the house,
tracks through mud that pongs of frogs,

through grass crusty with frost
each pale blade clearly marked,
or that bulldozed lane that cuts
through clay, claggy yellow
and weighing down
the soles of my boots.

Line them up, all the roads and shortcuts
those threads on a loom
as present as this road I walk on now
is solid, yet how fast it disappears
into the future, how quickly
it turns into what has passed.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Catherine said...

The snow is not so much in the air here as on the ground - I will upload some photos shortly if they turned out OK

Penelope said...

Lovely: paths, fragments, shortcuts caught by your eye and ear, and yes — 'how quickly it turns into what has passed.'

Kay Cooke said...

Catherine - I've seen the photos and they are fab.

Pen - Thanks. The subject of Time is an obsession of mine. :)

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