Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Travelling On

A highlight of our visit to Japan, was seeing Mt Fuji from out of the bullet train window. Our son was with us and we were heading for Tokyo. He climbed the mountain in his first or second year in Japan 

The grey days continue here in Dunedin.We are suffering from SAD in the middle of summer - or so it seems. Actually I have resigned myself to the fact that really it is now autumn.

In Tokyo on New Year's Day, 2012. Year of the dragon - bring it on. (My son Steve looking amused & tolerant! Having him with us in Tokyo made our Tokyo experience all the more special).

Here is a poem I wrote after saying good-bye to Mike and Kate at the airport. Like two migrating birds, they have flown north. I miss them a lot. Luckily Chris, who has been overseas for two and a half years now, is due back - next week.

At the St Clair Hot Salt-Water Pool

As I swim, you are both flying.
Air and water, none of us
on solid ground. I swim through
warm salt-water, you two
through cold cloud. I reach out,
my fingers touching blue tile.

I swivel then slowly push through
to the other side. We are all viewing
new ways of seeing; through blue
-tinted goggles, through dull portholes,
into a world held together by its own weight.
Excuse me but are you getting out soon

just I need to know for the showers,
another swimmer butts into my thoughts.
She is a stranger, taking liberties.
Mid-morning rules apply apparently
we are all in this fraying summer together.
I agree to have the briefest of showers

and glance at the clock to check
my progress. I decide, one more lap.
Soon you will be landing,
without surfboards, forced to leave
them behind. All of us then
travelling on, travelling light.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Anonymous said...

together and parting...life continues!

Kay Cooke said...

Theanne - You are SO right!

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