Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Skin

on our last night in Koh Sumet, Thailand, on the beach we lit fire lanterns / kites to set free, high into the night sky, taking with them our wishes, dreams and hopes for the new year; plus thanks for a blessed and fantastic time together with S.E.A.R.(our son and his wife and kids)

Deep breath. Back again. I think my mind's caught up with my body. My heart may not have quite yet. It was sad to say good-bye to our son, his wife and their two children when we left Kyoto early morning, Wednesday. Very hard.

I have been having trouble finding a sleep pattern that fits with what should be my daily schedule. If I am rung for work over the next few days, I don't know that my body would cope. It will be like a dip in cold water.A wake-up call indeed.

Have been pottering away (again) on the ms for BTARW. The latter part has been chiselled, smoothed and added to. The first part of the book, right up to beyond the middle, I have always been very happy with. Now after the recent work I've done on it, I am also happy (happier) with the final sections. It's a good feeling.

I was considering changing the name of this blog - like any self-respecting snake (I was born in the year of the snake) I do like to shed old skins and revel in the coolness (the crispness) of a new skin. I was tempted to do away with BTARW and call it something else; such as 'Cabbage-Tree Splatters' or 'Magenta Nails'. Something dumb like that. However, I remain confident that one day there WILL BE a book to match the title, so I will press on with the old.

 I trust you will forgive me as over the next few days / weeks ... however long it takes ...  I slowly unspool wound memories of our most incredible, amazing, awesome ... all superlatives apply ... holiday.

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Rachel Fenton said...

Amazing photographs, Kay, really stunning. I was thinking I couldn't imagine being far away from my children, and yet, here I am, twelve thousand miles away from my own mum. Perspective.

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