Monday, 23 January 2012

Koh Sumet

Calling all poets -: Just a reminder about the poetry competition currently running at Poems in the Waiting Room - go HERE for details. Closing date end of February 2012.


Dad and daughter check out the view of the beach from their patio 

Ah yes this will do very nicely thank you ... holiday mode on our patio

swimming (apparently the locals think we tourists are mad - it's their winter! But definitely warm enough for us).

grandson snoozes on Grandpa's knee in the shade of a beach umbrella, while granddaughter negotiates with Dad (probably re him going to get her some more sea-water for her sand-play) ... Passing by, one of the many hawkers who ply the beach offering things for sale, such as fruit, sarongs, trinkets ... and massages. I never did take up that offer. Not my thing.

... the view over the cab of a green truck - Koh Sumet taxi - as we go off to explore more of the island and village (shopping)

... wee R asleep again. I am trying to show how old I am -  A. has it easy at 3; try doing nearly-sixty!
The taxi driver proves the adage - Thailand, Land of Smiles. (Lovely smiles everywhere!)

... mermaid statue and explanation ...

... another statue in honour of the poet SunthornPhu - perfect photo opp. as the sun slipped down and cast it in dark relief. Being near the equator, on Koh Sumet the sun rises and sets at more or less the same time each day. Pretty much, twelve hours of sunlight, twelve hours of darkness. It seemed to be about 5.30 a.m when the sun rose and at 5.30 pm when it set. The difference between high tide and low tide is very small as well. Thus the restaurants are confidently able to each day set their tables and chairs in exactly the same place on the sand. 

More sunrise and sunset photos next instalment.


McDinzie said...

Oh that place sounds so very very lovely....and that last photo....I hope your going to get it printed onto canvas and placed in place of pride!!! WOW

Dona Bogart said...

Beautiful. I can smell the sea. Your grandchildren are so adorable and you look so relaxed and happy. It seems you had a glorious holiday and I am so happy for you!

Kay Cooke said...

McD - That's a good idea.

Dona - Thanks for dropping by ! We had a wonderful time .... wish it could've lasted forever!

A said...

You look so happy in the photos. I love everything about Thailand, great great great photos!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing through your eyes...I don't believe vacations ever last long enough! But what a lovely time! The last photo is so beautiful!

Kay Cooke said...

Agnes - Thailand won our hearts. Are you going back any time soon? I don't think we'll ever get back there, so we'll have to live on the memories - and phots.

Theanne - You are so right!

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