Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Under the Radar

rocks at Cosy Nook, Southland

Cosy Nook, southern coast, Southland

Cosy Nook - perhaps above all else, the thing that I like about this small bay is the way the grass grows right to the sea's edge, affording an unusual contrast between the sea and land.

Cosy Nook is not all that well-known. And that's the way we like it (I was brought up just up the road in Orepuki). The artist Nigel Brown lives in Cosy Nook. Since he made this bay his home, the number of visitors has increased considerably. People curious to see where this well-known artist has made his home, drive into this pretty cove tucked away in its own tiny corner. Once there, they then they have to turn around - not easy on the narrow road - and drive out again; there is no way through a cove. Understandably, the locals don't always welcome this intrusion. They prefer their home to remain under the radar.

A lot of people live, work and create under the radar. It's where a lot of great stuff happens.

At this time of the year things begin to accelerate. Massively. Christmas for us happens in summer when longer daylight hours are already causing a busyness not experienced in the winter months. Christmas preparations collide head-to-head with the end of both the school and business year, causing a huge explosion of energy and related stress..

Writing for me has gone by the board for a week or two, or three, not just because off the silly season, but also because I'm accepting more work. This is good financially, but not so good creatively. An ancient dilemma.

However, other people are being creative enough to make up for my lack.

Here at this site; Waiting Room Poems (NZ); you will see what Ruth, a friend of mine, is doing to promote poetry in the community. 'Poems in the Waiting Room' does just what it states, placing  into the waiting rooms of medical centres and hospitals, selected poems that have been printed on to brightly coloured brochures. This year PitWR is running a poetry competition. (Details for this can be found as you scroll down the posts).

Another friend (I hope Jennie doesn't mind me calling her that ... we only met face to face for the first time last weekend) has also been inspired. She has launched Dunedin's very first ) Literary Walk. This is an informative guide designed to highlight our rich history (and present store) of writers. I wish her the best and can't wait to go on the tour myself.

I feel privileged to know Ruth and Jennie. Please take the time to click on the links above and have a look-see at what these two women are up to.


Carmen said...

Hello Kay! I just wanted to see what you were up to. It is nice to hear that it is sunny somewhere, because it is cold and damp here.

Anonymous said...

Having lived most of my life in areas where tourists abound, I find it quite intriguing to know of such a beautiful place where there aren't many tourists! Poems distributed to health care facilities and a writer creating a guide to walking in your area...impressive!

Kay Cooke said...

Camille - Sometimes it's not all that warm here either (fickle summers this close to the Antarctic).

Theane - Thank you for your visit. I'm sure the world is full of such 'under the radar' beauty spots - just we never hear about them so don't know they exist! :) (I've bust this one's cover - darn!)

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