Sunday, 20 November 2011

Through the Years

Steve abandons himself to the warm, Kyoto rain. Go here to read his blog Kansai Trails.

November 19th 

Nov 19th 1978 (Sunday) written from where we were working as waiter and waitress at Post House, Aviemore, Scotland.

A cold day today. We had a sleep-in after getting to bed late last night ... we saw the late-night movie 'Good-bye Girl'. Work is busy at the moment. The sun came out a bit this morning and it all looked beautiful - pink trees, blue hills.

Nov 19th 1979 (Monday) written from Dunedin; now working at Whitcoulls bookshop.

A busy day at work today which certainly helps. Went to a Fashion Show with Pam and Wendy. It's all the 1940's look with little hats with veils, gloves, tight skirts, tucks, padded shoulders, diamante.

Nov 19th 1980 (Wednesday) written from Hutt Hospital. Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Today at 4.35 p.m. our bonny boy was born. The 2nd stage lasted 2 hours and I had to do a lot of panting. Not nice. Robert was wonderful and we're absolutely delighted with our 4.080 kg (9lbs) son.

Nov 19th 1981 (Thursday) Manor Park, Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Stevie's birthday and a gloriously sunny day. We took photos of him with balloons (but no hat) cake and candle.

Nov 19th 1982 (Friday) Manor Park, Lower Hutt, Wellington. We now have two sons.

Robert arrived back on the 4.00 p.m. flight, Stevie had lots of presents to open. And then the FINALE of blowing out his TWO candles. A great day.

Nov 19th 1983 (Saturday) Manor Park, Lower Hutt, Wellington. 

Stevie had his birthday party and had a wonderful time. Uncle Dave and Aunty Marg were both here for it.

Nov 19th 1984 (Sunday 18th & Monday 19th) Manor Park, Lower Hutt, Wellington ... I'm pregnant with our third son.

Nice having Bar to stay. She's reading lots of stories. Robert and I made a birthday cake - a Noah's Ark. Mum, Alan, R. and Jill came for his birthday which we celebrated on Sunday (day before). We went to Rail Museum. Had a ride on the train which made Steve and Mike's day - and Mum's. Steve got the tummy bug back on his actual birthday, so no kindy.

Nov 19th 1985 (Tuesday) Ravelston Street , Tainui, Dunedin.

Stevie's first day at school was very exciting for him. Pizza Hut for birthday tea. Lynley and Alan here for the birthday. (His birthday party was on Saturday 23rd; 9 kids. Bar came and helped).

Nov 19th 1986 (Wednesday) Ravelston Street, Tainui, Dunedin.

Stevie woke up bright and early and the 'Sophisticated Six-year old' calmly unwrapped his presents. The coup of them all tho' was his school-bag. (Saturday) The day of Steven' s - he's just about too old to be called Stevie now - party. What a rowdy lot of boys! All trying to outdo one another to be funny).

Nov 19th 1987 (Thursday) Ravelston Street, Tainui, Dunedin.

Steve definitely doesn't get called Stevie any more. We were woken at 7.30 by Granny ringing to wish Steve Happy Birthday. He opened Nana's present - lots of exciting goodies. We had chips and hot dogs for tea and a Mr Whippy's ice-cream before. (Steve's party was earlier on the Tuesday - 3 people came - 4 were asked. A much quieter affair than last year).

Nov 19th 1988 (Saturday) Ravelston Street, Tainui, Dunedin.

Steven had a marvellous day. We got his bike this morning. It cost $230 so he was told not to expect much for Christmas. He's frustrated because he can't immediately ride it. He had his party in the afternoon with 12 boys altogether. Very noisy and energetic. We organised lots of games. The kids from church were the worst behaved.

Nov 19th 1989 (Sunday) Ravelston Street, Tainui, Dunedin.

Steve had a real happy day. He got a Garfield from Granny & Granddad. His party was today. Nine year olds!!!! Greg was sick (pure over-eating!) I turned to see him with his cheeks full and eyes bulging and rushed him into the bathroom. Steve had planned some games (obstacle race and a Pin the Tail - with a difference as it was pin the tail on the salmon!)  

Nov 19th 1990 (Monday) Ravelston Street, Tainui, Dunedin.

Steven's party was on Thursday. We all went to MacDonalds. Robert took them to the beach after MacDonalds and they had popcorn and fizz back here. They played tapes - Poison and Bon Jovi and got dressed up in some weird outfits. We took photos. Despite the modern haircut and cool approach to things, deep down Steven is a kid who loves to make supper for the family cares about environmental issues, little kids and knows when I'm feeling down. He has a sparkling agenda going on in his head at all times. He's a typical 90's kid.

Nov 19th 1991 (Tuesday) Ravelston Street, Tainui, Dunedin.

Steven's birthday but after opening some of his presents this morning we won't see him until after school camp.

Nov 19th 1992 (Wednesday) Ravelston Street, Tainui, Dunedin.

Steven's birthday party today with six of his friends - some of them rather large. The party was relatively easy as they virtually entertained themselves. But they are a volatile, unpredictable combination. Ended with Robert taking them to the beach where they had a 'grundy run' into the water.

... and so the years go! I stopped keeping a diary at this point. It's been interesting to read back. The main impression I get from reading what I wrote of ordinary family life and events back then, is that I was very busy. Probably too busy. I'm glad those days are over! and that I am not as busy now as I was back then. I guess it's all about ages and stages.

Happy 31st birthday (yesterday) to our son Steve! a busy husband and father. I guess it's now his turn.


Anonymous said...

precious did well to keep a journal as long as you did...I admire you for that, mine usually lasted 2 or 3 days then I'd forget to write!

Kay Cooke said...

Theanne - I am so glad I did. I wish I hadn't stopped, but I guess the blogging took over pretty soon after I stopped recording events daily.

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