Monday, 14 November 2011

Stone Story No. 2

Stone Story No. 2

the bear and the moon

A father tells stories to his children
while he works the earth,
his words falling
into their heart's pool
to shine like stones in the rain.

He tells them of the moon,
how it keeps its far-side
forever in the dark,
how it spins
light side up.

His words are cold draughts
his children spend a lifetime
drinking long after he has gone,
this father, this pale bear with the moon
at his knee.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


susan t. landry said...

i love this, kay. both the poem and the wonderful image!
all best,


Kay Cooke said...

Suasan - Thanks so much - you are very sweet to call by and leave such a warm comment. I have got a few stone-images to write poems about. I'm looking forward to finding out what those stories are.

Dona Bogart said...

This poem touched something in me...I have drank the draughts over the years and I am so glad to have had them. One of your best, my friend!

Lydia said...

Such beauty! I just sent the link to this poem to another blogging friend. He is a Bear who lives in Canada, and I hope he stops by to read this. :)

Kay Cooke said...

Dona - Thank you :) I'm so glad it connected with you.

Lydia - Cool! Thanks. :)

susan t. landry said...

just wanted to add that what i especially like about the poem is how seamlessly you made the animal mythology/imagery work.
thanks again; i am so glad i stopped by. i have been so busy lately, i have not been making my usual rounds! glad i finally did.

leoniewise said...

I love this one too.

The photo is fabulous and the imagery is incredible.
Such imagination.

I love every line.

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