Saturday, 12 November 2011


... snow on tussock, taken last weekend at Shotover Holiday park - this Saturday is a sunny spring day, so it's hard to believe we experienced snow only a week ago ... 

My right arm is sore at the moment - is it RSI (from writing?) or maybe arthritis? I need to find out. Meanwhile ...

my left arm is saying to my to right arm

All your life I have been here
shadowing your movements.
I have yearned to do those things
you always did instead.

Probably good for you
to slow down now, regard
my existence
as useful, not inferior.

Give me the chance
and I'll learn the intricacies
of combing the hair,
brushing the teeth.

You never realised,
did you, how adequately
I can do things and how
much you never let me?

I welcome the chance
to be the one to reach
for the cup of coffee
and hold it to the lips.

I am thankful that I have two arms. In a situation like this, with my right arm 'sick', my left one can come  into service. I am surprised at how willing my under-used left arm is to work for me - as if it has been waiting all its life for this chance to prove how able it is.


A said...

Hope your right arm is back to normal again :-)

Kay Cooke said...

Agnes - Thanks sweetie - I hope so too. It's a nuisance as it means I have to slow down ... I don't like being hindered like this. But maybe it just means I am to learn some lessons in slowing down!

leoniewise said...
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leoniewise said...


I love the way you use words to describe something that is happening in daily life in a way that is so full of personality.

Now I'm thinking about giving my left arm the chance to brush my hair and hold my coffee!!

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