Friday, 28 October 2011

Stone Story No. 1

Stone Story No. 1

Japanese stone

What past hand has sketched the future
dark-red, drawings of a sky of trees?
Stars, the moon, petals, branches
in the snow. Rivers or veins.

Jet trails across a sky darkening to puce
as travellers head for the other side.
Our son, too, drawn
to another country, another culture,

settling down there. Planting
the garnet-coloured placentas 
of his babies, his father-in-law
carrying them on a train 

along faithful lines. Their deep-blood 
buried inside that family's 
ancient ground, under their own trees; 
a magnolia, an olive.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Oh, this is so lovely, and sad.... I am so glad my sons brought their wives here, but it's sad for the families on the other side whose grandchildren are not rooted in THEIR soil.


Clare Dudman said...

I love this too. My favourite part: "Planting
the garnet-coloured placentas..." How wonderfully this chimes with the rest.

Kay Cooke said...

Joyce - I actually don't feel sad about it, just amazed at how things turn out I think :)

Clare - Thanks. I am having a great time writing the stories the stones convey (to me).

kj said...

kay, beautiful. i had a feeling of sadness too, of loss. i was glad to read your comment, and i know what you mean. how things turn out--time, place, order, descendants, is a mystery to me too.

i do know your family is lucky to have you. do you know i admire you? :^)

Emma Lambert said...

Beautiful, great talent!!!

Kay Cooke said...

Karen - Thanks, you are so sweet to say that! Life is wonderment!

Emma - Thanks so much for your comment. :)

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