Monday, 10 October 2011

Singing Kettle

kitchen kettle

Now you are old,
sing to the sun, sing
the heat of kitchens, poured
water on tea-leaves
in a tea-pot poured out again
in small ceremonies
of thankfulness or worry,
or a way out of either. Singing

kettle at the back
sing, sing, sing and now
that you are old sing again
to the sun, to the earth
you have been filled in with,
to succulents that grow
in you, to the steam
of a remembered kitchen

with a low pinex ceiling
prodded in disdain. Sing
old kettle of the sun that spins
on through the grey and silver
here in this backyard
that could be the last kitchen,
or the first. Old kettle
let the heat of the sun rock you.

 Kay McKenzie Cooke


Rethabile said...

Thank you.

Clare Dudman said...

Such joyous words. I smiled reading them. Thanks from me too, Kay.

Joy said...

Great poem Kay. It resonates nostalgia.
Usually I think of tea being poured out in a cup, not so much the water on tea leaves....
It makes the process more a ceremony. I'll remember that next time i have a cup of tea and think of you Kay :)

Dana said...

This poem resonates with me, Kay. I love how you take what we take for granted, and you sing its song for all of us to hear.

Kay Cooke said...

Ret - Thank YOU!

Clare - Thanks. I look at the kettle and it makes me smile too!

Joy - That's nice - enjoy that cuppa! (I reckon that the only way to drink tea is to make it in a pot with tea leaves).

Dana - That's so lovely; encouraging and affirming; thank you!

A said...

So upbeat, love it. We used to have a kettle just like the one in your photo :-)

Kay Cooke said...

Agnes - I LOVE kettles - electric jugs just don't do it for me. :)

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