Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Blue Skies To Grey

taken on Sunday on Highcliff Road above the harbour 

I've had the flu for two days. Being sick stops time. But when you come through to the other side, everything feels new. New beginnings. I feel like I've shed a skin, giving me the opportunity to shrug on a new one. Sing a new song.

the view from our deck on a good day, showing Mt Cargill in the distance without its wig of mist

While I've been sick I mulled over the book I'm writing. I mentally honed ideas and bulked out a couple of the characters. I plotted segues and connections and tied some loose threads together.
Now I just have to write what I was thinking about; shovel the words.

flags flying from Fox Hall

I have spent today in bed listening to the rain on our corrugated-iron roof. It has rained all day. Once I heard a bird break out in song, its audacity to do so surprising even itself, but then it stopped and again all that could be heard was the ceaseless tap-dance of the rain.


Catherine said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I don't seem to have been commenting on blog posts much lately, but I am still reading.

Kay Cooke said...

Catherine - Thanks I am feeling a lot better now. Should be up and about tomorrow. I am the same - reading w/out commenting. I appreciate you stopping to comment. :)

kctoyama said...

Please take good care.

I may have caught slight cold too.

Be careful at the turning point of the seasons.

Anne Camille said...
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Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better. I can commisserate: although it is Fall here, not Spring, it is rainy, grey and cold. You're photos are lovely, though.

Claire Beynon said...

Hi Kay - that was some rain, wasn't it?
I've been reading and not commenting, too. Hope you feel better soon. I love the sound of 'tying up some loose threads' and 'plotting segues' in bed. . . Oh, and I love the photograph of your singing kettle on your previous post ; ). See you soon. L, C x

Kay Cooke said...

yujinxiang - Yes the turning of the seasons bring viruses and sickness. I am feeling a lot better now, thank you. I hope you are feeling okay now.

Kay Cooke said...

Anne - Thanks for the visit and comment. I am feeling a lot better thanks. The rain has lifted too so I can enjoy feeling better in the better weather; which hopefully means I can weather whatever, better!

Claire - As always, thank you!

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