Wednesday, 21 September 2011


These two cards arrived yesterday in an envelope addressed to Grandma and Grandpa. They are from our two grandchildren in Japan. They were made at the playcentre they attend with their mother; made for the third Monday of September; a National Holiday in Japan - (Grandparents Day) Respect for the Aged and Longevity Day (keiro no hi). Cool eh. A little veneration goes a long way. All countries should have such a day.

The staff-room clock where I work as an early childhood reliever (teacher). On breaks, it lets you know how time is running out. Its seconds hand is a tangible example of how time can be measured, second by second. 

Part of the notice-board at work; reminders, deadlines, work-related goals and bullet points. (I've always thought the term bullet points an appropriate term). As a reliever I no longer have to worry about these things.

 A different kind of work-space.

At home, at my desk is where I love to be.

Like I was today, but not tomorrow when I am back with the clock and the drawing pins.
Like a kite - free to fly, yet tethered by the obligation to work. (Luckily, the people and kids I work with are cool. It is not all bad).
And money is cool too; come pay-day.


kctoyama said...

Happy Keiro no hi!

& Koinobori(Japanese Carp Streamer)?

Kay Cooke said...

Yujinxiang - Thanks for your visit. I didn't think about the carp - a mixing of National Observances! :)

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