Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Real Job

paintings on broken skate-boards. Artist: Micahel D. Cooke 

Each day that's free from paid work, I head to my writing room to write. I put in the hard yards.

People ask me "What do you do?" Meaning - what is your paid work? Nearly always I simply say I am an early childhood teacher; a reliever (supply teacher, substitute teacher) for a child-care centre.

Sometimes I tell them that the relieving work suits me because it offers me the freedom to  do the work I really want to do - write.

Because I work with children, people then presume I write children's books - which would be nice, but I don't. If I can be bothered I go on to explain that I mainly write poetry. People then presume it's rhyming poetry about gardens and cats. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but they are heading down the wrong track. Usually it's far too exhausting trying to haul them back on to the right track, so I just leave it at that.

I love my work; I have the best boss in the world, even if she is a bit stingy as far as the pay goes.

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