Thursday, 25 August 2011

While Walking

cliff-face - Anderson's Bay inlet

I walked home from work the 'new' way again - passing by the inlet. So much more interesting than tar, asphalt and exhaust fumes; the smell of the fish shop on the corner replaced by the smell of still water.

calcified shells on rock - Anderson's Bay inlet

The sight of traffic replaced by the sight of seagulls lazily bobbing on the ebbing tide. Of two boys throwing stones into the water.

leaf on green algae - Anderson's Bay inlet

When a car stopped to let me cross at an intersection, the driver called out, asking me if I was doing any good writing lately. I turned to recognise him as the father of one of our son's friends.
It certainly didn't take me long to catch him up with my lack of writing output lately. We quickly caught each other up with our respective offspring, then we were on our way again. He in his land-cruiser, me in my desert-toned Nevadas.
The brief encounter left me with an extra bounce in my step. The walk home didn't seem such a plod. When I become immersed in a week of work, as I have been in the last week and a half, I find it too easy to forget about writing.
Now I just need to find some time to do some of that writing I was asked about.

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Clare Dudman said...

Sounds like you have since then, Kay! Great poem about those yellow blossoming plants.

You have some stunning photos here - marvellous intense colours - the yellow leaf on green lichen, for instance, and the branch with such another sort of densely-coloured lichen it seems like paint.

The words and the pictures really give an impression of where you live and the season - the dampness and the gradual increase in warmth.

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