Thursday, 11 August 2011

Time Capsules

If you took a core sample of the contents of Mum's house, it would reveal in colourful, striated layers, evidence of many decades. 

my father bought this plate for my mother early on in their marriage (circa 1950)

my mother bought this clock for her parents' 30th? wedding anniversary (1951) She's recently had it repaired and it came back chiming a very quirky and incorrect version of the Westminster chimes  

it's about time Mum got herself a new dictionary! Somehow she still manages to use it for her crosswords ...

this has been the 'sugar' cup forever 

the sugar cup with a pre-war shaker that still measures in 'gills' !

taken over fifty years ago ...

taken 1969


I had a coffee with Palmerston North poet Helen Lehndorf on Tuesday, gaining insight and another take on Palmerston North's culture and character. 
On the walk back to my mother's place, I hatched the beginnings of a poem about Palmerston North

This poem.

 ghost gums dance

Palmerston North's a grid. 
A cinch to navigate 
streets so straight.
I am walking the black racks
of shadows fences lay down.
I am seeing cabbage trees

in front of rough-cast villas,
blue sky choking on fat clouds
lumbering over
Featherston Street.
Palmerston North, so flat 
boy racers could flip

it over like a pancake.
So much space, so much
elbow room. Ghost gums dance
at Cloverlea and I am walking
over the over-bridge
over the railway line

where on Palmerston North nights
bellowing diesel trains 
roar right through 
the very walls of bedrooms, or
so it seems; rolling north,
or south, dead straight.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

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leoniewise said...

I haven't been to Palmerston north for years. Not just because I live overseas but because I can't think of any reason to go there :)

My parents sold a lot of their stuff, though they now seem to be collecting more. So the time capsule in their house moves and shifts and is replaced by the stories of the lives of others.

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