Monday, 22 August 2011

Algae and Mud

ice plant; Andersons Bay inlet

Today I walked home from work a different way - it may even have been one minute quicker. It certainly is more pleasant because I pass by part of the inlet and out of the way of snarling, home-bound traffic.

rock wall; Anderson's Bay inlet

Since arriving home I have only been able to chase ideas for writing and / or reading around in a mind lacking the time for reflection. Like one loosed, lost button rolling around on a formica table-top.
A searing headache drove me to bed as soon as I got home.
We decided it'd be fish and chips for tea. Blue cod and a scoop of chips from 'our wee man' on the corner. $13. Pretty decent meal for not much. Someone told me a f'n'c meal costs twice as much in Australia.
A friend rang to say her sister had died. Things change. People leave us. We leave them. Loss. "Life is a roller-coaster," I said.
Tomorrow is another day, work again and another walk home. I think I will go the inlet way again. There is something calming about the smell of algae and mud.
Aggie, the smaller introverted one of our two cats, lies beside me asleep on the bed. Her contented purring an idling tractor. The house is quiet. The earth moves on its axis. I will soon be asleep.


A said...

I love fish & chips :-)

Hope your headache is gone?

Anne Camille said...

Isn't it amazing to smell the scents of nature on a walk, especially if your usual walk involves any kind of vehicular traffic. Love the picture and this post. Your headache may have seemed to disrupt your thoughts, but not your writing.

Anne Camille said...

Not sure why I can't log in with OpenID today. :-( which prevents me from using my current blog id. Makes me feel like I have dual and separate identities.

Jan said...

This is a moving and lovely piece of writing, Kaye....

Kay Cooke said...

Agne - The headache didn't hang around, so I did the right thing going to bed.

Cam - I know who you are! ;) Thanks for kind comments.

Jan - Thanks so much. :)

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