Tuesday, 19 July 2011



In the summer we went to Dunedin's Festival. It had been many years since we had last taken the trouble to go. It seemed strange to be there without children and we wandered a little lost-ly. I experienced claustrophobia in the crush of the Thieve's Alley. Really, I wasn't particularly enjoying myself as much as I remembered enjoying such things in the past; despite the smell of hot dogs and candy floss. The clowns annoyed me and without any children as translators, the trinkets and toys just seemed to take on a tawdry air.
Then we came across a stall full of wood-turned mobiles. Charming. Unfortunately we didn't have any cash on us and the maker of these hood-winking wind machines didn't take plastic. "We'll come see you in your workshop," we promised, "we definitely want one." 
So far, we haven't made it. Seeing this photo in my file has reminded me of that promise we made to treat ourselves to some wooden magic.


wooden thing

Fashioned and bent
to trick the eye into tracking
the mute wind's turn

to dance and play, to stall,
then move again. We think
that if we buy this wind-toy

we will own it, the wind
and its moves
that run like water

to play the air like children
we think at last the wind and us
have caught up.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Catherine said...

They are lovely, I can see why you want one.

Kay Cooke said...

Catherine - They are - we must get one!

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