Sunday, 10 July 2011


Orepuki -: in the foreground, farming land the McKenzie family (of both Irish and Scottish heritage) established. In the background, the ocean at Te Wae Wae Bay, the Princess Mountain Range in the distance.
After weeks of plodding through the Scottish links with my family tree, one day last week I decided on a whim to take a bit of a peek into the Irish connections.
Immediately, or so it appeared, my imagination lit up. Previous to this, I had been finding it hard to come up with any spark. However, I may have been searching for the lode in the wrong place. It seems that at this particular time, for me, Ireland’s past is where the energy lies.
Re-energised, I am taking a gander at Irish myths and legends. I listen for the quick, and the dead; familial voices from the past that call to my present.
the drowned bell (an excerpt)
As the horse and I rode by the lough, I threw the small bell wide and hard and I was not sorry it was gone. Down and through, cutting dark water like the blade of a sword. No sound save a swallow from the throat of the lough as it took it. Took it from me, yes, but better yet, also from themNo longer can it sound the call to prayer. The bell of hammered iron, dipped in bronze, is now a drowned voice and I am not sorry. It has been silenced, yet in its fall it has been saved. Kept by water. The horse under me darkens, then flares as the blaze of fires from the monastery light up the sky. 
Kay McKenzie Cooke


Di Mackey said...

I'm sure we have family connections. When I'm home (end of 2012 at latest - just have to fundraise) I'll get the McKenzie book out. My Nana's people settled in Southland too. I'm sure if we sit down with it, there will be a link. Meanwhile, that project, I've been running like a crazed thing ... sorry, today is actually the first chance to breathe since the Madrid and Suffolk weddings. Tired I am but still interested, truly :-) xx

Kay Cooke said...

I'm sure there will be a connection if we go back far enough! I too have had the project humming away on the back burner. (Hmmm ... end of 2012 eh? Exciting!)

Anonymous said...


kj said...

kay, you write like an angel. you harness timelessness.

it sounds like a new passion has you in its sights. you should not resist for a single moment :^)

ps ♥

Kay Cooke said...

Theanne - Thanks - it is all intriguing for me too; which I hope is a good thing?

KJ - As always, you lift me with your warm encouragement Karen. Thank you.

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