Monday, 6 June 2011

Hot Spots

I hope Michael forgives me for choosing some new cushions to complement the painting he painted for us before he and Kate left on their overseas trip. (One of his horror stories is of a rich woman rushing into an art gallery and quickly choosing a painting soley on the merits that it complemented her decor).At least I did it the other way round, which redeems me somewhat.


We spent part of this long weekend (Queen's Birthday Weekend in New Zealand) in Queenstown. A nephew's engagement party was the highlight of Saturday. On Sunday morning we headed for a hot chocolate from the Patagonia cafe. As we sat drinking our Mexican Hot Chilli chocolates (how do you say 'truly delicious' in Spanish?) we looked out at the lake and David Eggleton's wall poem ribboning its way along the stone wall.


As always, we loved our dose of Queenstown. We have arrived back home to Dunedin with one more day off up our sleeves, before heading into a full week of work.



Clare Dudman said...

That picture of Michael's looks great on the wall, just there! Really striking! I found that third picture very interesting - even though the trees are bare their branches are different colours. I am sure that's intentional and I admire the subtlety.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Clare - you have a good eye! :)

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