Monday, 2 May 2011


Today the wind returned. I had been enjoying our recent calm autumn days. The windy conditions reminded me how much it changes your mood; how it disturbs your psyche. It's annoying, noisy, intrusive, messy, cold and unpleasant. We are a set of lean islands stuck in the middle of a vast oceanic space, so wind is unavoidable. Our capital city Wellington, is known as the Windy City. There isn't anywhere in New Zealand unaffected by wind. (If there is, please let me know, and while you are at it, the current real estate prices).

The day is now drawing to a close. It is getting darker earlier. The wind will be wiping the last of the autumn colours off the trees. On our recent trip through to Central Otago for Easter, we saw a lot of russet and golden-yellow autumn tints in the trees - especially in the Lombardy poplars, a species of tree very 'popular' in Central Otago. I guess the shape of the tree denotes how straight and deep the roots go down, therefore ensuring their survival in the hot dry summers and bitterly cold, winters.

The wind has dropped now as it often does at this time of the day, seeming to follow the sun down over the lip of the horizon. It has blown itself out. Neighbours are calling out on their dog, Chaos (or Kaos?)Makes me smile every time I hear them call, "Chaos!" Especially on a day like today with the wind in just that sort of mood. Oh well, going by the cheerful, answering bark of the errant canine, Chaos is once again on its leash. Peace is restored.

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