Sunday, 29 May 2011

Car Wash Blues.

I took this photo while waiting at the car wash. It was kind of symbolic, considering the day I was having. All I wanted was to get the car washed. Not an unreasonable request, I would've thought.
However, the first car wash simply refused to start once I was installed. Rather than hold up the line of cars waiting behind me, I opted to be refunded and drive off in my still-grubby car to another car wash. Here I was informed that the car wash had just broken down.
While waiting at the third car wash, I glanced across the road and saw the face. Yes, I thought, exactly.

This building was also across the road. A typical crumbling relic of days bygone when this area of town was a bustling, commercial hub.

Two air vents at the top of Sammy's Nightclub.

The building next to it has been rejuvenated somewhat, and is now a nightclub called Sammy's.


Last night we went to watch the Nuggets B'ball game. Last week they won their game, which ended a horror run of 33 losses. Sadly, last night they didn't repeat that win but lost by thirty points to a stacked Waikato team.

'Steven from Dunedin' refereed the half-time demo. game between two Intermediate schools.

After not watching a B'ball game for some years, I noticed how much more the entertainment component intrudes. And I wasn't as cold - the stadium's heating must be a lot more efficient.
Strangely, I kind of missed the cold. And I missed bona fide 'Defence!' 'Defence!' calls - now it's a recorded chant blaring out over the sound system, providing us with the noise we used to provide ourselves.
I watched, was entertained and when the Nuggets lost, disappointed. Yet I felt removed; not as involved. Maybe it was all a little bit too slick. Even though progress makes things easier and warmer, sometimes it just isn't as much fun.



Anne S said...

Really like the first photo, and how great that you had the camera on hand to snap it. I miss a lot of potentially good photos simply because I haven't my camera with me.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Anne - I was very lucky to have the camera with me, as I usually don't!

Clare Dudman said...

I know what you mean about missing the cold. Sometimes, making things too comfortable takes something away. Weird, really.

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