Thursday, 19 May 2011

All I Need Is the Pine Cone

On the way to work this morning I was rugged up in gloves, hat, scarf and warm jacket, thinking, "Winter's arrived."
I also thought about hungry birds as I caught sight of some flitting about in the brass notes of autumn's last remaining leaves. And I thought of bird feeders and how every year I think about setting one up. All I need is a pine cone, suet and bird seed. No, come to think of it, all I need is the pine cone and the suet. I already bought the bird seed. About three years ago.  
As I walked, I kept an eye out for the early arrival of the bus scooting past the stone wall on Silverton Street. It's always a worry, the thought that I might just miss it because of the bus being a tad early or me being a tad late. No such worries this morning, I arrived at the stop in plenty of time. 
Other cities have much cooler colours for their buses; our province has been landed with an unfortunate yellow and blue combo that seems to limit us to producing facsimiles of an ugly 1980's office memo.
I thought again about setting up the bird feeder. Just as every year I think about growing sunflowers and sweet peas. One day I'll actually do it. One day before someone thinks up a creative way of combining yellow and blue; or the world ends. Whichever comes first. 


Anonymous said...

Alrighty then! This blog thing is really teaching me about the world I live're having autumn heading into winter and I'm having spring heading (really fast) into summer. Enjoyed your post...what can I say...I stuck some seeds (in their packets) in a flowerpot, no dirt, it rained and guess what, they germinated, no kidding! Now I have to figure out if I can save them by actually putting them in a pot with dirt! BTW your bus sounds colorful!

Penelope said...

Kay, I feel sure that if the birds were starving, they'd soon find a good feed in your yard.
Am intrigued by the temp gauge on your blog: for your house or mine?

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