Friday, 1 April 2011

when you least expect it

reading signs

Yesterday I tested the day 
for signs of change, sensed it 
in the formations
of blue and grey, sand 
and waves of cloud.
Yesterday the sea reared 
up, like horses of light. The ocean, 
when and where 
you least expect it. All the signs 
are there. Dogs attack penguins.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


A said...

Ah, so wonderful.

Rethabile said...


kj said...

kay, this is a fantastic poem. i love that last line and i didn't expect it

i hope you are well


Kay Cooke said...

Agnes - Thank you :)

Rethabile - :)

kj - Yes I am very well if a little unsettled by recent events (such as large earthquakes ...) but thankfully not where I live - close enough tho' to unsettle.

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