Thursday, 7 April 2011


The above image is from detail from a larger work called 'Poet', a painting by Mike Cooke. I have also used part of this painting as a  header for this blog.

fits and starts

The day has started with a fit of weather from the south,
fat rain that the windscreen wipers shovel out of frame,
drops that would be snow if we lived on a mountain. The day is full
of stuck things - Chris's van in the neighbour's shrubbery, the internet
on a page that Safari cannot open. Then a grand un-sticking, to fall
into a patch of sun so thin it cannot hold. I've been told before
I'm grounded. This is good. Unlikely then to get blown away.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your "down to earth" poetry!

Anonymous said...
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Kay Cooke said...

Theanne - Thanks so much. My preference is to write poetry that is relevant and grounded. Sometimes I wish I could 'get away' with a more fantastic style, but it doesn't sit with me and so I write how I am. I enjoy reading poetry by others who are not so bound.

Clare Dudman said...

Just wonderful, Kay!

I love the bit about the rain that would be snow, and the idea of being grounded. It reminds me of being in a traffic jam - nothing you can do so you might as well sit back and enjoy it!

I like the paintings too - what a talented family you are!

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