Sunday, 10 April 2011

Earthly Good

Detail form a larger painting by Mike Cooke.

where you will find me

A worm the colour of puce bends
around corners, find its escape
like an octopus, but far
more slowly. I halt the encroach of weeds
crunching and crushing roots
with a chartreuse-coloured,
metal trowel, then stop to ease my back
and take in the lie of this small valley,
its mild rise towards the unattainable,
high blue of the sky standing over us,
in the present, in the flesh.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Anonymous said...

In your garden...enjoying the delights of nature! Aren't chartreuse worms the best!

Lydia said...

I hate to admit that, for the first time ever, I had a man come to our yard last weekend and use spray on the enormous amount of weeds (more than usual due to such a rainy winter). I regret it, especially after reading about the worm. Will not do it again. Will weed what I can get to and feel I am deserving of blue sky above me.

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