Thursday, 18 November 2010

Looking Through

Not long now - days in fact - and I will be posting off the m.s. for 'Born To A Red-headed Woman' (still not certain that will be the final title) to try its luck with a publisher.

I have just watched a wonderful video here with the writer Alice Walker speaking about all sorts of things - a lot to do with writing, a lot to do with connectivity of people and this planet, of the internet and its relevance to a writer today etc. It's an hour long, so a bit of time set aside to concentrate is needed, but I can recommend it as time well spent.

It's an empty feeling letting the m.s. go and not having a present writing project or deadline. Knowing that the whole process from go to woah for this book will take something like a year (or more going by the current climate in publishing, especially it seems, where poetry is concerned) leaves me feeling cut adrift.

Maybe I can give this space a little bit more attention now. Maybe I will post a poem a day for a while (like my poet-friend January. Do pop over to her blog and read the great stuff she's written / writing).

This poem is still in its rough clothes ... I will no doubt work on it a bit more at some stage. In the meantime, here it toddles:

Hillside Road

The struggle of plain marigolds
is easy enough to spot.
On front lawns,
scattered bits of broken
polystyrene cups,
a child's faded, plastic bike
turning brittle in the sun,
mangled shrubs, ragged
edges, clumps of grass
featuring dog crap.

A goods train growls
through the heart
of this suburb
full of front doors
wide open to passages
like tunnels, back lawns
issuing the light
at the end, a bar of sun.

And preventing any view
of hills, the long, wideness
of a sickly, factory wall
where entombed workers
making trains are kept
all day away from any
of the sun's love bites.

I pass a woman who smiles 
and stumbles barefoot 
on rough asphalt, off
to the dairy for some milk
or fags. Maybe a trumpet.
On her T-shirt, written 
in hot-pink letters on black, 

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Catherine said...

I wonder what non-New Zealanders will make of the trumpet?
Congratulations on completing your manuscript, I hope it does make it to publication sooner rather than later

J.T. Webster said...

A perfect poem. I feel like I've just taken a stroll down Hillside road. I especially like the description of the 'tunnel' houses.

richardg said...

exciting news that "red headed woman" is about to go to the publishers.I can't wait. I read out "shorty Lee" at our local poetry group on Sat night and everyone loved it.

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