Saturday, 20 November 2010

Future Indicative

Yesterday our oldest son turned thirty, which seems to be more of a milestone for us than for him. He's always been one to enter a phase before it has actually occurred - so he probably turned thirty (in his mind) about two years ago. I remember when he was just a wee guy, he'd 'play' going to school. He'd take a packed lunch that he'd ask me to make up for him, out to the front door and sit on the steps there and pretend he was 'at school'. Kind of symbolic of how he lives his life - or used to anyway - looking ahead. Already leaving, already left.

I admit to a few fleeting returns yesterday to the day of his birth. But life is so full of the present, there's not much time to dwell in the past.

We called him on Skype to wish him Happy Birthday. (I wonder if we could have imagined that scenario way back in 1980? Maybe. We had both read science fiction.) Yesterday, all the way from Kyoto, Japan, we saw and heard his 2 1/2 year old daughter sing him Happy Birthday and we saw his nearly-one year old son having the time of his life squishing his nose. His wife was also there with her beautiful smile and chortling laughter.

No thirty years ago in Lower Hutt Hospital, we couldn't have imagined all that in our future, we were far too totally engrossed with the present. Far too busy being captured by his very first yawn.


McDinzie said...

my gosh look so young...well I guess your were in relation to today but gosh you look so young..

Kay Cooke said...

I know - just a kid! (I was wearing denim overalls! I wonder when they will come back into fashion?)

Penelope said...

Rich days, Kay. Your lovely family, a manuscript of poems on its way . . . thank you for sharing these.

Melissa Green said...

Lovely post. Could we have ever dreamt up the world your son's children will live in? Not likely.

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