Friday, 15 October 2010


My life is divided into slices - like wedges of a cake. (Which is funny, because I sometimes get called 'Cake' by small children trying to pronounce my name). The wedges go under certain titles, like 'friend', 'worker', 'writer', 'mother ' 'sister' etc ...

Lately I have been taken up, divided, into the role of daughter, sister, niece, aunty, mother and grandmother.

There is also the writer slice which at the moment sees me working solidly on the m.s. for another poetry collection. And as always, there's the worker-bee slice when I am asked to work and really (literally) cannot afford to say no.

What I am trying to say, very clumsily, is that sometimes we can't fit everything in and other things take precedence. Lately for me, any blogging (both writing posts and reading other blogs) has had to be left until the next gap arrived.

I think another month will see the m.s. finished. For this year anyway. No doubt it will still need some editing and a bit of trimming, polishing etc. on into next year. But the hefty bulk of it has been dealt to and very soon I will have breathing room again.

Already I have planned what I am going to be doing writing-wise for 2011. Reading and sorting. Filing and research. But mostly reading. It's time to take up the slice of the cake labelled 'reader.


Photo taken at Queenstown

Just over a week ago now we had a short visit from our son who lives in Kyoto, Japan. It was arranged quickly and kind of out of the blue, and was a complete delight from start to finish. He came over with his 10-month old son, so we got to meet our new grandson whom we had only ever seen on Skype. The visit was over all too soon, leaving us with precious memories and loads of photos.

Heading back to Kyoto


Penelope said...

With all the slices together you make a wonderful Kayk. Great work, Kay. I look forward to the new volume.

McDinzie said...

well its been a jolly busy month...and I suspect you have been happy in some parts to not have to blog :-)

maybe a slice can be split in two :-)

J.T. Webster said...

Amazing to see pictures of Steve as a grown up and a Dad. He was in high school or maybe even intermediate last time I saw him. Your grandson is adorable!

I so understand the 'piece of cake' metaphor. I've just added "homeschooler" to my cake.

Enjoy the extra breathing space as work on your book winds down. I hope you find a stack of really good books to read.

kj said...

kay, there is so much about this post to love, but your son's visit touched me the most. that is totally all about LOVE.

time to read? i rarely do that, kay, which i know is a problem for a writer! thanks for the emphasis. i will remember that.

i just noticed that your first two favorite books are mine too! i will never forget anne of green gables. it's how i came to love reading.

you sound quite busy and i rather sadly understand. :)

another book of poetry. that excited me as a reader, a friend, and an appreciator. :)

rel said...

How true that our lives are segmented and that each and all segments can't be in the forefront at all times. My blogging has fallen off some also and it's convenient to say that my muse is idle, sleeping or uninspired, but in reality those other slices/segments have had to be nourished and replenished and so blogging gets slated to a less prominent roll for the moment.
The fact that we do feed it still let's us and our blog friends know that indeed we are still on the right side of the grass.
What a delight to get an unexpected visit from your son and grandson. No amount of time is long enough, and Japan is so far away. I feel that we don't get to see our grand daughters often enough and they all live in the states; I can't imagine how I would feel if they were so far away....say in New Zealand or some such far flung place. ;)
With fervent anticipaton I await your newest collection of poems to add to my library collection of Kay Cooke books!
At least we have facebook from which to wave and say hiya, good to see ya.

Kay Cooke said...

Pen - Thanks so much. :) I think I like Kayak - looks a bit like kayak - a palindrome !

McD - I think a slice can be split - hope so anyway.

jtwb - Thanks - really looking forward to doing more reading for sure.

KJ - So nice to hear from you! Thanks for lovely, warm comments.

Rel - What a lovely long comment - like a letter! SO great to hear from you and thanks again for the newsy comments. :)

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