Thursday, 2 September 2010


A photo I took a year and a half ago of shop fronts in Roxburgh. I 'm a sucker for iconic, kiwi decor that reminds me of  life in small-town 1950s and '60s .... 
As far as I know, Roxburgh still hasn't got an ATM machine. Progress is slow to catch up in some places - thankfully. The poem below is about bank cards and what my daughter once told me she's tempted to say ...

when being asked for credit card details

She always wants to say; Well, let’s see
now. It’s got this shiny bird, I think
it could be a kea. It’s red,
has a distinct dislike
for velcro wallets and likes nothing
better than to slide into an ATM
first thing in the morning.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Catherine said...

I was intrigued by the second hand bookshop in the historic precinct of Oamaru, Victorian in every respect except that they do have a credit card machine (one of those old-fashioned zip zap ones, as I recall.)
It seemed rather anachronistic...

Lydia said...

A wonderful photo, atmospheric and evocative. Love the may be the only person ever to compose a poem about credit cards!

Mainly, I came here because I just saw headlines about an earthquake there. Not sure if you are close to the epicenter. I am thinking of you and hoping you and yours are safe.

Kay Cooke said...

Catherine - I have struck that at places too - makes me smile somewhat.

Lydia - Thanks for your visit, kind comments and concern. We are all fine - the people of the city of Christchurch are very tired and stressed though (there have been a huge number of after shocks, poor things, and a huge mess to clean up.) People have lost jobs and income as well ... :(

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