Sunday, 12 September 2010



Like bells
with nothing to strike
or tug but light,
the flower
of the quiet kowhai

and everywhere juice,
the run of sap
in a rained-on lawn,
in fuschia, geranium,
in the iris' blade.

I hang the washing
with hands that mean business
that flick and thump
towels and socks,
lining them up

for how long now,
each time,
the click of pegs
as the ground
begins again to open veins?

Winter's sear fades 
into spring
again in every pore
and all its alterations.
How many times

that sound of a saw,
the dog barking
in the wind?
And the gargle
of tuis  

as they eye the kowhai,
the ancient memory
of its nectar
a sweetness
in the throat.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Erin Davis said...

To me the power of this poem is that it seems to capture the feeling of holding all of time in one single moment. Lovely.

dinzie said...

Funnily enough we've just walked the botanic gardens enjoying the Kowhai at their best ... A very good year for Kowhai as well this year :O)

Katherine Dolan said...


Juli said...

This is beautiful and timely, just as the tuis are swooping in the flowers of the kowhai.

richardg said...

another lovely poem kay. I like the blend of things natural and things manmade.And the structure works very well [again].

Kay Cooke said...

Erin - Thanks so much for your visit and kind comments.

Dinzie - I saw the photos you took of your visit to the BG - beautiful!

Katipo - Thank you! You will be heading for autumn / fall now?

Juli - Thanks, I appreciate your comments. The tuis have been prolific this year - after the kowhai.

Richard - Thank you - I tried to achieve that mix in a contained way; hopefully I achieved it in some way.

Anonymous said...

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Continue the good work!

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