Saturday, 7 August 2010

Twenty-five Minute Post

I'm going to try and see if I can do this - put up a post in twenty minutes. (We are off out for dinner at a friend's place tonight, so that is all the time I have).

It was my job to make dessert and so I turned to an old recipe book of my mother's that my sister copied off for me (please ref. to previous post on biscuits called Slugs for more info. on this book).

There were mostly steam pudds. in the Pudding section (oh yes, it was always 'pudding', never 'dessert' in my childhood - back then, a dessert was a hot, sandy place). But I did find a recipe for an Apple Crunch, which turned out to be what we would call today an Apple Crumble.

I do not recall my mother making this pudding. She made Apple Pies, Apple Dumplings, Apple Shortcake ... but never Apple Crumble. Apple Crumble wasn't part of my fare until 1972 when it became part of the menu in the student flat I was in. SO I was surprised to discover a recipe for Apple Crunch /Crumble that went back as far as the late 1950s.

I asked Robert if it was part of his early memories, and he said that it probably wasn't until the late 1960s he remembers a discussion about what was the best 'crumble' for that particular pudd. It definitely wasn't part of his early memory of puddings.

I deduce from all this that back then the Crunch was a modern pudding that Mum didn't trust at the time, preferring to stick to the tried and true. I can imagine her thinking how would a crumble placed on top of stewed apples actually work ? She was more used to a dough-y topping for puddings. A crumble without any binder (eggs, milk) wouldn't have seemed 'right'. Back then NZ bakers weren't known for their innovative and adventurous ways.

I followed the instructions - with Robert's help I now know how to convert Imperial measurements to Metric. What a lot of butter this recipe has. And it includes Baking Powder, which today's recipes for Crumble don't include.

It smells lovely. It looks golden and definitely eatable. I will let you know tomorrow what the verdict was.

*BTW -  I was delighted when a writer friend here in Dunedin approached me to say, "You know how you said in your blog that you have yet to meet anyone who knows what Slugs are? Well, now you do! I remember my mother baking Slugs." I was so happy to find out that there were other Sluggies out there!

It's taken me 25 minutes. But no photo. 


Claire Beynon said...

Apple Crunch - Apple Crumble - is one of my (and my family's) favourite puds, Kay. Looking forward to seeing the photo of the finished dish... I can almost smell it from here! Hope your writing is going really well... Love, Claire

J.T. Webster said...

Apple Crumble is a favourite with my family. They are all learning to cook it, with interesting and varied results, but in the end it's always edible.
Your post made me think back to when I first met the apple crumble desert and I think it was early 1980s when I was flatting.
I'm sure my Mum never baked one. It was fruit sponges and jam rolly pollies (yum) and something sweet and delicious called golden pudding. Oh and blancmange - probably spelled that wrong, oh and junket (yuk).
Thanks Kay, you've stirred up a whole lot of wonderful memories.
Hope you enjoyed your meal out.

Catherine said...

My Mum often made apple crumble. It was a really basic recipe, it was years later before I discovered it could be made with rolled oats etc. My son asked me for the recipe once and gave me a very strange look when I told him Mum's recipe: "twice as much flour as sugar, and enough butter to make it crumble". (He likes his recipes precise, with real numbers in them!)

A said...

You're making me hungry Kay :-) Have fun at your friend's house.

joan browning said...

Mmmm. Just the weather for Apple Crumble..or any of the real puddings mentioned in the comments.

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