Thursday, 19 August 2010

outside viewing

Remarkables, Queenstown

outside viewing

Soon we will leave
this mountain shining wide and grand,
shards of wind
needling its uncompromising ear.
The woman at the next table doesn’t know
there is a crumb on her lip,

the tourists that they must not
feed the keas. It's the kids, not us,
skiing. We breathe in white air, deep and brilliant.
Diminished yet grateful, we drink coffee
from a thermos, hear the kea’s
cry of the abandoned.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


rel said...

All the senses; so much pleasure!

Catherine said...

Lovely. You seem to be posting more poems now that you are not doing the Tuesday Poem :)

Claire Beynon said...

Hi Kay - the juxtaposition of the mountain's ear with the crumb on the woman's lip (that she doesn't know is there) is brilliant.

I'm so enjoying your posts and poems - there's something very 'arms open' about them, like lungs drinking in air.

L, C x

J.T. Webster said...

Another good poem Kay, with such a wonderful Kiwi (or should I say Kea) flavour.

Lydia said...

Stunning poem. I always read your poetry more than once and this one will be no exception. I'm returning to it now.....

richardg said...

Yes,definitely warrants a second reading to allow those images to linger in the mind.
Keep them coming Kay.

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