Saturday, 19 June 2010

When Life Was Black and White

This rather grainy photo shows my mother (so young!) holding me as a baby. On Friday I turn 57 years old and will be spending my birthday with my mother for the first time for a very long time. Because she lives on another island to where I live, we don't get together very often.

I will be spending time with my sister as well ...

A photo of my sister (aged seven years old) taken at the Gore A&P show, 1970. I love the socks and handbag!

Jill was born ten years after I was and has never let me forget the fact that she is that much YOUNGER than I am. Still ... time is relative! We all age at exactly the same rate.

A photo of me at the Gore A&p show, 1970, aged 17 years old. (Check out the grey-and-red checked bellbottoms!) I remember the sneakers were pale-blue. Black duffle coat and (I think) pale-blue skivvy.

I am looking forward to my time away in the North Island and spending time with kith and kin. I leave tomorrow morning, early.


Pam Morrison said...

Happy birthday for Friday Kay. Have a great multi-coloured day.

Catherine said...

Have a very happy birthday! Only 57? You're just a spring chicken :)

Elisabeth said...

We were born in the same year, Kay. Did you know?

In 1952 Princess Elizabeth succeeded to the throne on the death of her father King George VI in England.

In 1952 the world's first contraceptive pill was manufactured, inflation stood at 21% and milk cost the equivalent of 7.5 cents a pint.

Do you have any other gems from that special year? I'd be pleased to hear them. Happy birthday.

Pen said...

What vibrant young person you look. Love the pants!

Jan said...

ENJOY your break....and TALK TALK with your ma as much as will always be grateful..all her snippets and phrases and whisperings and opinions..

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