Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hard Yacker

And now after a week or so I feel like blogging again ... an enforced respite because of a tight work schedule at present.
I accepted a three-week block of relief teaching at an early childcare centre. This involves working from 8.30 in the morning until 6.00 p.m. at night. (And if I walk to work, add another 35 mins.)
This is okay in itself (it's needed income) but it happens to be with two-year olds. Imagine twenty-four, 15-month olds through to two-yr olds, en massee, stumbling, pushing, biting, snatching, crying, peeing, pooing, spitting, yelling, eating paint, sand ... and you get a bit of a picture.
I exaggerate. Kind of. Of course it's not like that ALL the time. We do have the rewards: smiles, hugs, cuddles, laughter, cute moments, singing, sleeping, learning, adorable moments, precious moments ... I wouldn't do it otherwise!
But apart from all the dramas, I find it tough work physically and my joints protest. I hear myself making old-people-noises, those involuntary grunts and moans we of a certain age make. I arrive home from work totally drained and exhausted.
However, I know I will survive and it does keep me more supple than I otherwise would be. (I certainly don't need to go to the gym - I get my workout right there at work).
The bonus is that at the end of this block of work, I will be able to pay some bills and will be free again (for a week or so anyway, after which I will be accepting relieving work again). And while I am free, I plan to go on a bit of a roadie as research for a story I am writing about my grandfather ... among other things, my third poetry book, for example. Details will follow.


McDinzie said...

and yet I sit on my chuff all day at work and definitely make those old person noises!!! ahhhhh to the gym we have to go

Catherine said...

I'm not sure that I believe that grouping children by age in day care centres is a good idea. I used to love Play Centre - mums, older children and younger children altogether and the older ones helped the younger ones - sometimes - if they were in the mood for it!
Hope the road trip is a sustaining thought over the next two weeks :)

Kay Cooke said...

McD - Your brain's getting a good workout tho!

Catherine - Yes I totally agree re the placing of chn - a mixed group works so much better. So much better. Playcentre's rock!
Thanks - the thought of the road trip (that does sound better than 'roadie'! What was I thinking?) will sustain me for sure!

Pen said...

Love that chair! I hope the road trip's as full of happy idiosyncracies (sp?)and just what you need.

Kay Cooke said...

Pen - Oh so do I! :) I am certain it will be. I can't wait.

A said...

I know it can be both exhausting and rewarding at the same time :-)

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