Saturday, 3 April 2010

such attendance

There is love in the mulligatawny soup,
in the doorbell birds,
in the rain band's smother.

Love in the woman who wears socks
with jandals, in the man
for his pot-belly, the tenderness

as he bears it across the road.
Love in the way the Flat Earth
Society lays the world at your feet.

There is love too in proud hands
whose science, like trees,

relies soley on harmony.

And love in the sun, such attendance
we can count on to set and rise
again, feel its sweet, sweet scald.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Claire Beynon said...

Oh Kay, this makes me ache. In the best possible ways. Thank you. L, C x

Coffee on 8th?

Di said...

Another stunner. Hmmm, I think I'm going to enjoy following you through this month of dailies :-)

January said...

Yes! This is beautiful, especially the ending.

Catherine said...

Mulligatawney - such a wonderful word. You look at the most unlikely things with loving eyes - beautiful

thecartoonmoon said...

Claire - Thanks so much for your comment. What an encouragement!

Coffee on the 7th suits me better as I'm working on the 8th ... Will be in touch. :)

Di - Thanks Di! I am loving the cheers from the sidelines - it really does help.

January - Thanks - I must go on over to yours and see what you are up to!

Catherine - Thanks I appreciate the support, feedback stops me from feeling I'm just pinging poems off into a vacuum.

Kay Cooke said...

Sorry people - the Cartoon Moon is my son's blog and I didn't realise he hadn't signed out and so I inadvertently commented under his blog ... It was me! not Mike.

Carole said...

Such strong images! I agree with Catherine - unusual choices and poignant ones too.

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