Sunday, 18 April 2010

old news & new news

And here we are at Day 18 of the month and what should rightly be my 18th poem - like THAT is going to happen. (I have actually not been keeping count. On purpose).
However, it's looking like this week's not going to be such a busy week for me as last week was, so I may be able to get back on track again for the final leg.

rhythm & design

My mind rests on rhythms and what a day means

and how a volcano in Iceland can disrupt the normal.

Meanwhile, at the window the cat whines like a puppy

as he regards the fantail's firty skirt. A bumblebee mouths

the sill. A kereru whop-whops above where I sit

on the garden-seat swinging and thinking of rhythms.

Soon, the smell of cedar among the firewood

will signal the beginning of the day ending,

the sizzle of what's in the pan for dinner semi-drowning

the voice of the television newsreader with news

perhaps of some solo rower crossing an ocean

in order to repeat what his father did some years ago

but in the opposite direction, which in a way is what

we all do every day of our lives, by chance or by design.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


rel said...

For sure we are all about rhythms, whether we like it or not. Every now and then a little bump like a volcano in Iceland spitting up disrupts the moment's flow, but then that burp is also rhythmic, Yes?
I think there's a poem in there....I think I'll go work on it for magpie tales today.
Thanks for the idea. ;)

Unknown said...

I like the surprise of the last two lines, keep going! I'm not having a go at NaPoWriMo this year, for obvious reasons, but it's great to read other's work :)

Kay Cooke said...

Rel - Thanks for the positive response and I'm chuffed that you are inspired to write. :)

BArbara - You don't need NaPoWriMo - you are a powerhouse all on your little ownsome!

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