Friday, 30 April 2010

final two

I have reached the end of NaPoWriMo. (Big sigh). I will post my thoughts on how I think it went later. For now, I need to take a break. Thanks to all of you who have been reading my poetry all through April and for the responses I have received (both on-line and off-line) it has been much appreciated and is truly what has kept me going.

how it deconstructs

Looking up I see one nostril filled
with bulging green snot
in a four-year old's nose
as he announces from the top of a slide
how he is going to descend.

A three-year old begins to understand
counting, how it deconstructs the mass,
separates one thing from another. How
the mother duck calls for her five ducklings,
but only two come back.


spatial awareness

With coloured plastic shapes
that link, together
we have been making flowers
and dogs, encouraging
spatial awareness.

Suddenly his bottom lip wobbles,
he wants his mother. How long
until Mum comes? he asks me.
I explain that the big hand
has to go around five times yet.

He is a child who does not do
childcare centres well.
Home with his mother
is where he feels real and whole.
And I'd do anything

to make his mother appear
at the door, anything to stop
the world for him
as tears run down his cheeks
like light lost in the rain.


Kay McKenzie Cooke


Unknown said...

Well done - you made it! More than I ever did in the few attempts I made at NaPoWriMo :) One of these years I will make it through the whole month! But you have, so I look to your inspiration :)

Catherine said...

Such poignancy in that line - "only two come back". It has resonances with the next one, the poor wee boy who has to wait another five hours for his mother.
Congrats on making it through - and all with your own ideas, I can't imagine doing that, can't cope without a list of supplied prompts :)

Becky Willis Motew said...

Awwwww. YOu've captured that child perfectly, I'd say.

I don't know how you did all that poetry. Such work and accomplishment and good stuff too! Congratulations and have a well-deserved rest.


Paul Halpern said...

I greatly enjoyed your piece about the childcare centre. Fantastic! Really evoked that scene!

Kay Cooke said...

Barbara - It was hard going, but truly worth it for lots of unexpected reasons!

Catherine - It was nice having you as a companion along the way. Congrats on being one of the winners of Open Mic at the Canty. P.C. readings in ChCh too, btw. :)

Kay Cooke said...

Becky - Thanks. I intend to rest from writing. Shame I can't do the same from work ...

Paul - Thanks! Really appreciate you visiting and commenting. :)

A said...

Congratulations Kay -- you did so well!!

kj said...

oh kay, that second poem: i know that child so well. i work with and love a 5 year old girl whose mother is gone for good. it is universally unfair.

my mr ryan, who just turned 3, asked his mother, "when i turn 4, will my name still start with 'R'?

i am sad that i missed your month of writing. i need to correct that. i have trouble getting certain blogs on my link list. i don't know why. but now i want time to read all your poems. you are a wonderful poet.

if i ever find myself in new zealand, will you meet me for lunch?


Dona Bogart said...

I have really been enjoying these poems. Seeing the children through your eyes. I have sit and prayed/wished/willed a child's Mother to come or even call many times. You conveyed that ache of wanting to soothe the little one.
I am amazed at the work you did this month. Good on you!

Kay Cooke said...

Agnes - Thanks so much - your support has been precious.

KJ - Certainly will! For sure! (When will you arrive? ;) ) Wishitcouldbeso ...

Dona - And there you were all the time, silently, quietly encouraging. Thank you,wonderful friend!

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