Thursday, 22 April 2010

feeling sluggish

I had a slow day today, I felt like a turtle or an owl. I wished I owned a green car.

interesting adjectives

Today I felt as sluggish as the low cloud
not bothering to move from where it lay
slung all day grey and heavy
as a lump of clay. Today I thought
of looking up interesting adjectives
to make a list to use in everyday
conversation. Today I thought
about how a study proved
the happiest people
are the ones who own green cars.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

The first car I remember was a green Model-A. You had to crank it up before it would run. It was in this green car that my mother and I chased the cow when she got out. The first big adventure of my life. It was dark. We had to keep the headlights on the cow so my brother and my dad could see her--up hill and down, across gullies and ditches. The cow's name was April.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

And yes, my mother was a red-headed woman.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Named Pearl.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Running Boards.
It had running boards.
Remember running boards?

Kay Cooke said...

Joyce - I LOVE that story - it's a poem! And my mother's name is Shirl (rhymes with Pearl)! (How many more similarities are we going to come up with you and I)My Dad had a Dodge (I don't really remember it, but there are photos of me and my sister sitting on the running board! when I was about 3 yrs old. I wonder if it was green? With b&w photos it's hard to say ... have to ask Mum about that).
Thanks for all your entertaining comments! Makes the comments number look good too! Can't hurt.

Catherine said...

Is that really true about the green cars? I would have loved a lime green car when I bought my last one, but our budget would only stretch to a used Japanese import, and the Japanese are very conservative about car colours (it's sliver - better than grey, anyway)

Anne S said...

I thought of you writing poetry the other night when I was sitting on the backstep watching the fruit bats fly over lit up by lightning every so often, and thought you would make a poem out of the visuals.

Kay Cooke said...

Catherine - I heard that as a statistic a couple of years ago ... it's always intrigued me since. I tend to look at drivers of green cars with different eyes now!

Anne - Oh that's so nice! But I'm sure you could write your own poem about what you saw.

Claire Beynon said...

I love your cloud, grey and heavy as a lump of clay, Kay!

Kay Cooke said...

Claire- Thanks. A Dunedin description I fear!

thecartoonmoon said...

On road trips I'd lose the car-colour- game because I chose green. I knew I'd lose but felt I needed to be loyal to my favorite colour.
Could argue all hybrids are technically green.

Kay Cooke said...

Cartoonmoon - Thanks! :) No It would have to be a true-green car! no hybrid ,,,

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