Wednesday, 21 April 2010

by a cold sea

Today was one of those dream days with splendid weather. Because I didn't have any work, I took the opportunity to revel in the warm, autumn sun and with camera-in-hand, explore.
All day a poem has quietly murmured in my brain ... not sure yet if I heard exactly what it was saying, but it's close enough for now.

by a cold sea

Someone sitting at an outside table
under a too-large nikau-palm
whose days were numbered, told me
that we all age at exactly the same rate.

The proof of this will I'm sure
become more and more evident as I go on
walking, seeing the colours
of autumn's quiet, breathing-out

and suddenly a monkey puzzle tree
I didn't see coming,
or the edge of the world
at the beach where I'm up to my ankles

in goose-grey sand
with nothing to worry about,
my toes printing daisies by a cold sea
only too eager to wipe them away.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


McDinzie said...

Is that your foot????? oh how the arches must hurt :-)

Very good poem....I bet your sick of writing to demand?? or is that what you have to do if its your lively hood?!?!? would seem to me to take all the fun out of it

Kay Cooke said...

I'm not saying whether it's my foot or not ... ;/ but it's strange how it looks like it's rising up out of the sand rather than sinking in ... don't know how I managed that freaky effect!
If I was writing poetry for my lively hood (my hood is actually far from lively!) it would certainly take all the fun out of it ... maybe ... :)
NaPoWriMo is VOLUNTARILY writing a poem a day thru all of April .. Yep, madness, pure madness. (Now all you serious bank IT managers, shake your heads in bewilderment).

Joy said...

cool poem Kaye.

Have really enjoyed reading your book

leonie wise said...

your poems always make me feel like i am coming home. this one is no exception.

i come back to your words and read them over and over again. they seep into me, like they are becoming a part of me (or i am becoming a part of them)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

You are coming up with some very good poetry! I think this is terrific. Excellent ending. It's always "only too eager," isn't it?

Kay Cooke said...

Joy - Hi! Nice to see you here! Thanks!

Leonie - That's so lovely of you. I'm v happy about all of that.

Joyce - I think I might be running out ... only 8 to go ...

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