Monday, 18 January 2010

Walk On By

Yesterday morning dawned grey in dear old Dunedin. It is often grey in dear old Dunedin. Luckily I am rather fond of grey days. Even in the middle of summer.
We went for a walk along the harbour to the Vauxhall yacht club car park and jetty / launching ramp where a cheery man was preparing to take his small yacht out and make the most of the slight breeze.
We passed a few others out walking, but not many. Most people who were out and about on Sunday morning were in the cars that were swishing past.
Walking is a conspicuous event in a small city. I am sure that to some people who see me out walking (as I do regularly to or from work) I will be that strange 'Walking Lady'.
I can understand those who have i-pods, as it creates a diversion and helps block out any self-consciousness or embarrassment at being noticed. Personally though, I don't like them as they remove me too much from my immediate environment.
I remember when we were in LA in the' 70s (a stopover of one day on our way to the UK ) we left our motel in the early evening to go look for a hamburger place and couldn't believe we were the only ones in the whole of that huge city, walking. (Or that's how it felt anyway.) We were such naive, country-bumpkin kiwis. I mean to say, we could have ended up victims of a drive-by!

Some summer colour we found in Sunday morning's grey.


We have had some tree pruning done around our property with its arbour views. Pines, and some other large trees that are neither use nor ornament, have bitten the dust and been turned into firewood for winter. This culling has let in a lot more light. Hopefully we will get grass again in bald patches where it had died off, and the glasshouse mouldering these past few years in the shade, will bask once more in sunlight with the grapevine inside, again producing grapes.


McDinzie said...

walk with a dog and you will see lots of walkers believe me :-)

Anne S said...

It's not unusual to see walkers in Melbourne, but bicyclists are far more prevalent and think they own the paths, and are very annoying to pedestrians.
You certainly wouldn't stand out here.

Claire Beynon said...

How wonderful to be identifiable as 'the strange walking lady', Kay! A SWL can be distinctive whilst still maintaining her anonymity...
My sons tell me I must be careful as I'm turning into the dotty Bird Lady @ 22.
Could be a whole lot worse, yes?
Glad to see you back. Keep 'em coming Kay! (KECK)
L, C x

Becky Willis Motew said...

Beautiful! I am so envious of your tree work. I need trees cut down in the worst way and instead I went larking off to Rome. I remember seeing the first joggers in the 70s. I kept thinking, where are they going? Did something happen? :)

apprentice said...

It's good to get more light and also good to acknowledge that sometimes a plant or tree has had its day. I tried to take a twisted willow down, but the tree surgeon just gave it a big hair cut and it is almost as big as ever again.

I agree about walking in the States - we did the same when visting my niece in Fl - there I think the humidity defeats you before anything else.

Mama Llama said...

I often find myself feeling like I'm the only one walking, especially with small children--and it is the children who need to learn that we need to walk more, that merely 'jumping in the car' is not always best, that it is good for heart and soul. Americans can be so lazy...

Lovely photos, as always. I am yearing for summer already!

Be well, Kay.

herhimnbryn said...

I like grey days too ESPECIALLY in the middle of Summer. It's sut too hot here.

Kay Cooke said...

McD - Ah, but they don't walk where and when I am walking - plus Dunedin's a small place so fewer dogs and fewer people ... At times I swear, I am the ONLY person walking for blocks - with a continuous swish of cars going past me. HArdly anyone walks to work anymore, I am sure of it ...

Anne - That's good to hear. Dunedin is very hilly so I guess that puts people off.

Claire - Thanks, as always Claire! (TAAC)!

Becky - How funny! re the jogger! I think if I had a choice between tree felling and Rome, I would have chosen the latter - believe me you made the right choice!

Apprentice - Trees are great - but can be bullies in the garden ... so we have made a few choices for the better, we feel. We still have a lot of lovely trees left for the birds, shelter and for us to look at ... so it's all good.

Mama Llama - Yes and I enjoy hearing about those walks too! Good on ya! as we say over here. So good that your children are being set a good example and that they will have memories of walking - such great memories to have.

Herhimnbryn - Yes well I was getting a little tired of the grey days after about 6 in a row! But thankfully the grey has broken in the past few days and we are back to sunny blue - so much nicer!

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