Saturday, 23 January 2010

Backyard background

Saturday dawned grey-ish with the sun trying very hard to bash itself out from behind thick cloud. (Come on sun - you can do it!)

Went for a coffee with a friend down at St Clair; Pier 24 Cafe and Bar at the St Clair Resort. Enjoyed a rich, smooth, black coffee made by Gary, whose coffee-making skills I can highly recommend - say I sent you.
The view there is of the ocean from a position perched above the beach. We could look out to where the waves curl up and unroll, like umbrellas, with surfers making the most of a medium surf.

We continue to clear our section of overgrown greenery, letting more light into our backyard. I noticed a lot of birds feeding off the berries and plums (too high for us to gather) so despite our felling, we've obviously still left enough for them to forage among. The grey warbler was around. It's a shy, elusive bird and hard to spot, unlike the fantails and wax eyes that flit very close to the house.

The birds need to watch out for our cat Aggie, she likes to hunt them down - bad, bad cat. We are thinking very hard about buying a bell to hang around her neck.

Some birds fly in a bunch and some are loners. I feel an affinity with the grey warbler as it practices its mournful scales. It too likes to sing behind cover and fly alone.


Becky Willis Motew said...

Hmmm, wonder how Aggie would like the bell. There's no doubt she intends harm to the birds, but....everything's a dilemma, huh? She's very cute too.

Pen said...

I wonder why your plums are red and ours are still green as green. And what's our cat doing in your tree? Aggie and Biddy must be sisters. Look out, birds! :) P

Megan Clayton said...

My dogs, who are each about the size of a cat, all like to hunt birds, although they are limited to doing it from the ground or as high as they can leap. However, they rarely get a chance to catch one because (apart from the birds' obvious advantage of flight) on their collars are their name and registration tags which jingle like a bell. This doesn't reduce their success rate to zero, but it does give the birds a reasonable chance of escape. I'm generally in favour of cats who hunt wearing a small bell for the same reason -- especially around our native birds.

leonie.wise said...

i miss the sounds of new zealand birds. love the photos

Kay Cooke said...

Becky - I think we are definitely getting bells on to the two cats ... I love birds too much for us to keep picking up their dead little bodies :( (not that there's many ... but enough to warrant a deterrent).

Pen - Maybe it's the type - there are other plums that aren't ready yet.
Yes I think Aggie and Biddy must be related! (I remember a picture you posted of Biddy a while ago, and thinking - that's Aggie!)

harvestbird - You are so right. We are definitely getting our 2 cats fitted out with the twinkly ding-a-lings (Shhh don't tell them!)

Leonie- Thanks! There is something distinctive about each country's bird calls - I vividly remember the crows and rooks in England. And skylarks in Scotland - altho' we have them here too of course (my fav. birds).

kj said...

'It too likes to sing behind cover and fly alone.'

ah, kay, this line is magic. it says so much in a economy of words i only wish i could do too!

thank you so so much for your comments on my blog. i needed that and it came at the right time. i am flying high with the structure for this second book of mine: writing stand-alone paragraphs forces me to choose and chisel every word. thank you,kay, your opinion matters a great deal to me.

last: those plums and berries. lucky you. i say this from my snow covered yard, which will remain until march. and the bell, well, yes, the bird that lives to sing behind cover and fly alone will be most appreciative.

Mama Llama said...

I find myself cheering the thermometer on ... "c'mon, you can make it to freezing!" ", good, let's get it up to above freezing now!"

And so go January days. Fortunately for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this month is almost over.

I am glad you're enjoying your summer!

Be well, Kay.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh gosh Aggie is a cutie. But a bell might be a good idea...

coolboy said...

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Kay Cooke said...

kj - Thank you! We are really basking in summer joys at the moment.

mama llama - One good thing about winter is that summer is on the way! In our case, winter is on the way! (oooh!)

cgp - Yes a bell is being put aro)und that cute furry neck!

naveen - We live in a place where weather is a feature - 4 seasons in one day sometimes - so yes, we talk about the weather a lot.

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