Sunday, 20 December 2009


This beautiful amaryllis was given to us by Robert's parents when just a bulb and some leaves. After bringing it home, it only took a week to flower and provide a slash of crimson in our sun-room.

Christmas is slowly drawing near ... I finally brought our potted Christmas spruce tree in from the cold.

'And I was bought and sold
And all I ever wanted
Was just to come in from the cold.'
(Joni Mitchell)

It may be summer here in the Antipodes, but so far (this far south anyway) summer has yet to dig in.

Speaking of digging, an old tractor tyre that used to be a sandpit in the days when I did Home-based Childcare, has taken on another role - as a handy lettuce-and-spinach-grower.

A little like this happy, old kettle that has been reincarnated as a pot-planter surrounded by the ice-plants that remind me of summer days at my Nana's place, with its warm, wooden verandah at the back of the house.

Hopefully our slow-to-warm-up summer season will take note of all this transformation.


Mama Llama said...

The springy colors make me feel so warm. All is blanketed in deep white here -- except for some Christmas lights burning through the snowfall.

Thank you for warming me up!

Be well, Kay.

Becky Willis Motew said...

We just had a blizz here in New England and I am so envious of your nice weather. Photos beautiful as always.


Carmen said...


Penelope said...

Ah, yes, bulbs are the ultimate transformers, aren't they ... or are we? Happy Christmas and thanks for your warm and generous postings this year, Kay.

McDinzie said...

boy I wish the summer would come quicker than it is

Avus said...

Hey, I just love that kettle, Kay!
Happy Christmas to you and yours.

rel said...

I have to say,
I do so much more
enjoy adressing you
as Kay.

Christmas in summer is a concept so alien to me it could be a scene from an Asimov novel. ;)

But, of course the spirit of Christmas is the thing, not the weather!

While we do have a smidge of snow on the ground, we have mostly fridgid temps. The Blizzards that dumped feet of snow along the USA east coast ran out south of us. Tommorrow there is a promise of snow but we have enough without that for Santa and the Reindeer to make there visits.

Merry Christmas to you and Robert and whomever else graces your threshold this holiday season!

Mama Llama said...

Merry Christmas, Kay!

paris parfait said...

So beautiful! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, Kay! xo

Claire Beynon said...

Dear Kay
What a full year this has been. Perhaps we can circle a few spaces for poetry w/shops a trois in 2010?
Have a restful, joyful Christmas.
L, C xx

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