Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Happy

The best part of the year happened for us this last month, when our grandson Roi Oliver Douglas was born in Kyoto, Japan.


A new year provides a marker, a milestone reached and the beginnings of the next stage. Measures, markers; the tick of the clock.
Back in the eighties when our sons were small, we always had a large vegetable garden on the go, but we let it lapse when rampant consumerism caught us up in its swirl.

Today we bought a compost bin. I love that it looks like a dalek.

Some resolutions ...
A job change for me.
More picnics ... more photos ...

Writing-wise, I aim to focus on my third poetry collection.
Plus the novel that won't let me forget that it now exists - however embryonic. It keeps growing attachments and limbs; hey! It's organic. But it needs lengths of time I haven't available at the moment. (So make that another reso. To manufacture massive amounts of time to concentrate on writing a novel).

Happy New Year!


Tim Jones said...

And Happy New Year to you, Kay!

McDinzie said...

Happy new year...the year of compost and vege gardens

kctoyama said...

It's snowing in Toyama, Japan.

Have a great year!

Catherine said...

A new grandson - what a fitting start to a New Year!
I'm not making resolutions, but I plan to divide a big sheet of paper in columns for various loose sorts of goals, and mark progress on it during the year.

Unknown said...

Another decade gone already - and look just what it brought you!

Sweet baby, love the composter... from one to t'other, that's a knack.

Here's to your third.

leonie.wise said...

i do love your poetry and am quite excited to learn you are also writing a novel - wow!

love the compost bin too!

happy new year to you from the frozen north

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