Sunday, 27 December 2009

Fancy Flights and Rainbow Fins

From the deck here at my in-law's home in Queenstown, we can see what's going on around the lake. Like the boat that tows people attached to a parachute out to the middle of the lake, air filling the smiley-face 'chute as they travel and causing them to float up quite high, until the boat stops and they gently float back down on to the water for what I imagine to be a rather wet and chilly re-entry.

Of course flight is no clumsy novelty for this tui and what's more doesn't cost him a penny. The consummate free-loader, here he is helping himself to a feed of honey water.

The seven male 'cuzzies' (cousins) here at Granny and Grandad's for Christmas, went on a Boxing Day, overnight fishing trip on the lake, arriving home twelve hours later with 14 trout - a mixture of brown and rainbow.

Some of which were cooked for tonight's tea (smoked over hickory chips on the barbecue).


leonie.wise said...

beautiful shot of the tui - we've been birdwatching over here in london today too :)

one thing i do love about living over here is the abundance of trout (without having to fish for it - guess i don't understand fishing because i'm not a bloke!)

hope you are having a great holiday (thanks for sharing the photos and snippets from home)

McDinzie said...

trout look lovely...nothing like a fresh kill :-)

that para shoot flying looks pretty cool.

Avus said...

Thanks for awakening my memories of the Queenstown area, Kay. It sounds like you are having a delightful holiday

Harvey Molloy said...

Happy new year Kay!

Jan said...

LOvely snaps AND thanks for sharing your thoughts and here's wishing you a Happy New Year, Kay!

January said...

I like the fish photo. :)

One of my resolutions--to visit yoru blog more in 2010!

Happy New Year Kay! Thanks for your posts, comments, and tweets. You are an inspiration.


Di said...

Oh, I was less ready for this. Queenstown and Tuis and rainbow trout made my heart ache some. I need to work on the main reason I haven't been home and come home one day soon. Your blog always convinces me.

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