Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Merry

It seems strange not having a photo to add to this post, but I'm unable to access my photo file at the moment. We have woken to a grey kind of Christmas morning here in Queenstown, where the extended family have gathered from all corners. There will be twenty-one for dinner.
As it's my in-laws, I am an outlaw! but after thirty three years I am starting to get used to their different and funny ways (compared to my own family's twisted ways!)
We are about to have the sherry and a piece of Christmas cake and then open the pressies under the tree. Better go, I think I can hear a van heralding our son and d-i-l's arrival.


Leonie said...

Happy Christmas to you. Hope you had a really fun day!

Catherine said...

And a happy Boxing Day! Christmas Day was beautiful and sunny here in Christchurch.

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