Friday, 25 September 2009

My impressions of Japan continue to build. Very favourable ones so far, of a country teeming with a population of millions, yet somehow able to provide a strong sense of personal space despite this fact.

Most photos here are from from a visit on the cable car up to Mt Hiei where of all things, there is a garden based on French impressionist paintings. Very surreal. Lovely, but surreal. It's just weird to be on the top of a Japanese mountain in a manufactured European setting.

This hoop is for you to throw clay tiles through (after you've written your wishes on them.) If they go through, your wish is sure to come true! None of ours made it. Good thing we're not superstitious or in S's case the All Blacks may now lose! (again).

Dahlias as big as a baby's head.

On the walk from the bus~stop home, we were treated to a dramatic sunset among cloud.

In Steve's hood, there is a canal on the way to the bus stop where it's possible to see heron (grey and white).

E gets her groceries delivered by van. A great way to do your shopping I think.

Today we are off to an international golf torni in Uji, as well as a visit to the Tales of Genji museum. (Would it surprise anyone to know that it is the latter that I am most looking forward to?)


Tim Jones said...

These are great sets of photos(and descriptions). Two contrasting impressions: (1) Look beyond the houses and paddy field, and the bush-clad hills beyond look remarkably like New Zealand. I'd be interested to see what that forest looks like close up.
(2) The person delivering the groceries is wearing a face mask. Is that standard practice, or a swine flu precaution, I wonder?

McDinzie said...

you didn't need to go all the way to japan to see dahlia's as big as babies heads :-) you only have to visit us

but still what great flowers :-) you are looking so trendy in your cap :-)

keep the great piccies and impressions coming

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Tim and my sister for your encouraging comments! Tim, the forest is mostly native but with stands of cedar and maple ... McD the photo of dahlias was taken esp for you and Dinzie ~ glad you noticed!

Kay Cooke said...

Oh and Tim ~ face masks are worn over here as a matter of course by about 2 percent of population. Maybe precautionary measures by such people as grocery deliverers. Or politeness, consideration ~ major motivations over here. Maybe paranoia as well!

leonie.wise said...

wow - beautiful photos, all of them.

looks like you are having a fab time

dinzie said...

Our dahlias are certainly not as tall as those :O) What a find though and the garden is so well created .... McD is already saying we must go :O)

Clare Dudman said...

Great photos - Japan certainly looks a lush sort of place. However, I think my favourite was the one of the hoop and your description. Such an unusual object, and your comment about it so funny.

Becky Willis Motew said...

Stunning photos! As I well knew they would be. I can't pick my favorite, unless it's you with the dahlias. Keep that camera with you at all times.:)

Kay Cooke said...

Leonie, Dinzie, Clare and Becky, Thanks for comments Sorry for blanket reply, but am a bit short on computer time. Thanks for comments as they keep me motivated to keep posting.

January said...

Beautiful photos. Love seeing the ones of you looking so relaxed. Enjoy!

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